Escape your hectic world and enjoy serenity and the sounds of nature.

It's a beautiful day to be out on the water. Get a group together — your colleagues, summer associates, family and friends, schools — whatever — come to Piscataway Creek and leave your worries behind! Have fun, get some fresh air, mild exercise and a healthy dose of nature’s healing.

Experience an eagle making its surprisingly playful cry or a beaver slapping its tail to warn its family that danger is lurking. As you enter the narrow part of the creek, you're gradually surrounded by close up natural flora and fauna, so it feels like a wonderfully soft blanket of musical sounds — turtles splashing into the water, great blue herons squawking like taradactiles, butterflies covering huge lavender globes of Joe Pye Weed, and more.

Head out to the Potomac River, paddling through islands, past small creeks with wild rice and water lilies, for majestic views of Mount Vernon and the expansive river.

Get a group together and contact us today — it's a wonderful time!

About Atlantic Kayak

Atlantic Kayak Company has been offering fun, high quality outdoor experiences the Chesapeake Bay Area and beyond since 1995. We specialize in fun group adventures where guests can learn to kayak, explore scenic waterways, and engage in team building activities.

We’re located on Piscataway Creek, a tributary of the Potomac River just one-half hour south of Washington, DC. You may have visited George Washington’s home at Mount Vernon and enjoyed the spectacular view across the river from his porch — that’s where you’ll be kayaking! This is a gem of a tributary where you can hear a bald eagle’s surprisingly playful cry, see native stands of wild rice, and enjoy views of several national landmarks, including Mount Vernon, Fort Washington, and the Washington Monument. The area where we kayak is in a tidal, freshwater ecosystem with little to no current — perfect for a beginners to have a relaxing experience.

Piscataway Creek is situated on three national trails: the Captain John Smith National Historic Trail commemorates Captain John Smith's voyages during the early 1600s; the Star-Spangled Banner National Historic Trail focuses on the War of 1812, and the Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail links the Potomac and upper Ohio river basins, following the paths explored by George Washington.  This provides a unique and fantastic opportunity to be immersed in nature and history while enjoying a welcome break from the DC crowds.

Our kayaks are stored on floating docks, so launching is simple and easy. Many groups choose to have catered refreshments on the waterfront lawn or in the Nature Center before or after an adventure. We have a number of catering options available, from hors d’oeuvres to boxed lunches to dinner buffets and after-kayaking beer and wine tastings.

About our Founder

Judy Lathrop started Atlantic Kayak Company in 1995. She grew up in rural New York and Connecticut canoeing and swimming in lakes and creeks, spending most of her free time outside. She earned her B.S in Political Economy of Natural Resources from UC Berkeley and her J.D. from the University of San Francisco. After practicing environmental and energy law for about twelve years, she had enough of the office and decided to pursue her lifelong passion for the outdoors. She has enjoyed sharing that passion and her knowledge of local natural and cultural history ever since.  Coincidentally, many years after Atlantic Kayak Company settled on Piscataway Creek Judy learned that her ancestors lived in Piscataway in the early 1700s — reinforcing her connection with this beautiful, historic area. Judy is an ACA certified kayak instructor and a naturalist/environmental educator.

Our Staff and Volunteers

For years we have relied on part-time seasonal help, often college students who move on to full-time positions when they graduate. We are expanding our staff for the upcoming season as some of our staff will be graduating from college this spring and leaving the area. Please contact us if you would like to join our team!


How do you humans manage all that stress? Come chill with us on the Creek. And no, I'm not a rat.

— Betty the Beaver

Judy Lathrop, Founder and Owner of Atlantic Kayak

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